Instructions to Protect Your Computer for Preferred Pricing

To help you qualify for the Preferred Pricing and increase your Cyber security we have developed step-by-step written instructions and videos to make it easy.

First, if you are using Windows, determine which version of Windows you have installed (ie. Windows 10, 8, etc.). If you are not sure, Click Here for instructions to determine your Windows Operating System.

Use the links below for step-by-step written instructions, or a video.

We also have an approved Cyber Crime warning letter that you can give to clients. It provides a place for them to list the names and numbers of everyone involved in the transaction for easy reference. There is a 2nd version with a space for your client to sign acknowleding they received the warning. This will help us defend you in case they do not follow the instructions and end up being a wire fraud victim. 

Written Instructions: Click on each topic

Dual Factor Authentication

Configuring Automatic Updates

Updating Domain Name Services (D.N.S.)

Removing Administrative Privileges from PC’s

Video Instructions: Click on your Operating System

Apple OSX

Windows 10

Windows 8

Windows 7

If you still have questions after reviewing the instructions above, email us at for assistance.

Cyber Crime Warning Letters

Client Warning Letter with Contact Info

Client Warning Letter with Signature

Delivering the Best Cyber
Insurance to Our Clients